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You have IBM Connections installed but now you are unsure what you need to do to keep the lights on the servers running smoothly. User account synchronization, Database maintenance, reviewing the log files for errors, ... There are many of tasks for an IBM Connections admin - let us tell you how to schedule them into daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly tasks. Learn what you need to deal with immediately and which tasks you can schedule for later. Take home some useful scripts, life saving settings and a sample schedule for your admin work
We'd like to introduce AppSpokes, a framework for building and deploying 3rd party integrations and applications into IBM Connections Cloud (and eventually on-premise too - single-codebase model, with middleware). Examples of these integrations include Box, Salesforce, Trello, GitHub, Twitter, Google Drive, Atlassian JIRA, Dropbox, Alfresco, etc. etc. etc. The goal and objective of these integrations is to massively grow markets and the ecosystem, as an extensible platform. Just the start.
IBM Connections Docs is the collaborative online editing tool from IBM. It allows one to work collaboratively on office documents in a browser with files stored in IBM Connections or Filenet. This session will show the architecture of IBM Connections Docs and live-demonstrate how to deploy and integrate it with IBM Connections.
Since IBM introduced “Project Hawthorn” (aka IBM mail support for MS Outlook) many customers have been taking advantage of this new deployment option to provide Mail to users using their client of preference. Project Hawthorn provides the unique capability of “Bring Your Own Client (BYOC)” by allowing them to use MS Outlook without having to replace the IBM Domino platform. Use this in conjunction with the Notes Browser Plugin and XPages and provide a unique experience. Come to this session and walk away with a clear understanding of IBM’s strategy, Best Practices and tons of tips from the field.
Speakers: Alan Hamilton Track:
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The pace of work is accelerating and the volume of information is overwhelming. Join Rob Koplowitz as he conveys a vision for unleashing cognitive capabilities and advanced analytics to create a more intelligent collaboration environment that assists employees and proactively surfaces experts and insights. See IBM's vision on the role of AI based Personal Assistants and cognitive Expert sources that will drive breakthrough results and move your organization and those you serve into the Cognitive Era.
Attendees will be shown how we changed user's perspectives on the response time of IBM Notes. The actions take the same amount of time, but most of the work is done behind the scenes. Outline: 1. Business case a. Background of our company b. Issue – User’s frustration of perceived slowness in Lotus Notes. c. True cause was restricted bandwidth but out of our control many times. However, users blamed Lotus. d. Solution – Managed Mail File Replica. All work is done behind the scenes and the user sees very little of it. Appears faster. 2. Overview of Managed Mail File Replica and why it is a benefit. 3. Review Server Settings – Live Demo 4. Review Client Settings and how to push them out to the user.- Live Demo 5. Cover differences that user will see-Live Demo 6. Cover Troubleshooting
Technology and innovation impacts every industry, line of business and profession in ways we could not imagine even 50 years ago. While IT is meant to make make things more efficient, the pace of IT evolution makes it hard to think of the future as being "easier". History shows that companies which are unable to innovate are driven out of the market, which leaves adoption as a central key to dealing with that new social platform, CRM and other innovation. But how do you get people to embrace change? Some people claim that adoption is a purely human affair where it's all about people, while others believe that adoption should be technology driven and enforced in an automated way. Join Francie Tanner and learn all about adoption tools, methods and strategies that will help you make any new deployment a measurable success.
The XPages runtime is versatile and extends beyond just the components that come out of the box. While the core XPages/Domino platform has not changed materially since it’s initial release, the way this platform is being used certainly is evolving rapidly. Learn the best ways to optimize your application development by leveraging the latest and greatest frameworks, libraries, and tools that the web has to offer. Many modern tools can plug into your Domino and XPages applications in a consistent fashion with industry web development practices. Join us for some challenges to our preconceptions, options and alternatives, and a couple of fancy demos.
Shell scripts do not have to be long and complex to be effective, they just need to save you time. Join BillMal as he reviews a day in the life of a busy admin to see how scripts can be used to simplify tasks and get more done in less time. This session provides foundational knowledge, then immediately moves to use cases with code samples across a few ICS products. Leave with the tools to further your scripting literacy and do more quickly at the office. See you online for ICON US!
Speakers: John Jardin Track: Development
In this session John will take you through a gripping LIVE demonstration where he pieces together an "Integrated Circuit of Services", binding an on-premise XPages application with the IBM Bluemix cloud. Learn how to implement Web Sockets for real-time communication; use Watson services to improve user experience, and more. Join this session and discover how your applications can easily leverage services on the Bluemix cloud to expand on what’s currently possible in XPages.
Speakers: Mark Roden Track: Development
Many companies run a mixed IBM Notes and Microsoft Office 365 (O365) environment. SharePoint/Outlook and Domino should be viewed as a new opportunity to create rich and engaging user experiences. Using both IBM and Microsoft REST services as the core to the solution, this presentation will show how both technologies stacks can be integrated to maximize application functionality and present a seamless experience to the user. Mark will provide lots of demonstrations including Office Web Add-Ins, how to access O365 data from your Domino applications and many others. Come and see how your core Domino webdev skills are equally applicable to the Office 365 environment.
Virtualizing the IBM Notes client or the IBM Client Application Access (formerly known as IBM Notes Browser Plug-in) is an effective way to standardize your client infrastructure, to reduce costs for workstation hardware and to give your users a consistent experience. Learn how to implement, configure and tune Notes on platforms like Citrix or Terminal Server and get the most out of it by dramatically reducing start-up times and more. Beside a live demo you'll also get some worst practices stories as Daniel Reimann shares his experiences from real-World client virtualization projects.
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