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How Hypnosis Benefits Your Brain (and Helped Me)

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How Hypnosis Benefits Your Brain (and Helped Me)

If there’s one thing I can pinpoint to that really boosted my programming skills and career, it would be hypnotherapy. I am not kidding you; this is not a joke. This may not work for you and my colleagues were very skeptical. But once I came back with 10x efficiency, they weren’t laughing so much anymore.

Of course, what worked for me may not necessarily work for you. Too many confounding factors for me to make a guarantee like that. It may be your brain, or you may not have selected the right hypnotherapist for you. I can’t say.

What I can say is how hypnotherapy and hypnosis can GENERALLY improve your brain. You may take something useful away in these words and maybe have a result just as good as I did.

What Benefits Does Hypnotherapy Have On Your Brain?

a) Makes Your Mind Have More Control Over Your Body

Since your brain is focused on a certain task, you tend to have lots of dominance over your actions as compared to when you are in the conscious state. This happens because there is usually less inhibition or distraction from the environment around you. You can easily appear normal on a busy day whereas deep inside you, you are paining. This happens when you have mastered the art of self-hypnotizing. You are less likely to have stressful physical symptoms such as high blood pressure or sweating when having stress as compared to those who do not understand the art of self-hypnotizing.

b) Helps Your Brain To Concentrate And Focus On A Specific Task

A study published on the 28th of July suggests that hypnosis as a way of management alters the normal flow of blood in specific areas of your brain. This study was done to several participants who were hypnotized. A control character was a person who wasn’t hypnotized but was subjected to the same kind of questions. The blood flow was different.

This allowed the client being hypnotized or in the trans state or the subconscious state focus on a specific assignment without having much worry of their surroundings. Hypnotherapy helps the client remove all the distractions that are associated with the conscious mind and assist them to single out one thing on which they can comfortably focus on. You tend to have a better control of what is happening inside your body.

c) Gives Your Mind A State Of Extreme Relaxation

Whether you are visiting a hypnotherapist or decide to stay at home, the hypnotherapy technique is possible. You can actually self-hypnotize yourself. This therapy induces a subconscious state of mind of extreme comfort and relaxation and gives you and increased notion to treatment of certain mental or physical conditions.

d) Does Not Have Any Withdrawal Effects As Most Anti-Psychotics

As said above, hypnotherapy can be used as a remedy and to counter many mental health conditions. What makes it different on its work to the brain is that it is a natural type of management. Normally, when one uses anti-psychotics or anti-depressants for mental health conditions, one tends to have withdrawal effects especially after the drugs have been withdrawn from the treatment plan. The effects aren’t that pleasing and thus could be fatal.

Hypnotherapy calms your mind without putting much pressure or having the withdrawal effects after a session with your hypnotherapist. It does its job without leaving any side effect.

e) Makes Your Mind Be More Creative

Hypnotizing makes you be more creative. It forces you to tap into your inner natural creativity and makes you get answers to otherwise difficult moments that your conscious mind couldn’t. Secondly, since all the distractions that are present in the subconscious mind are not there, you tend to focus on something properly hence boosting on your creativity.

f) Keeps You Stress Free

When you have a lot of stress, self hypnosis helps you focus. It tends to replace all your stressful events with positive thoughts and plans. It tends to dissolve stress, anxiety and worry keeping you fresh and ready for the day. Hypnotherapy as a stress combat therapy has been used in medical therapy for over 60 decades. It trains your mind to relieve and ease tension when you are stressed.

g) Important Therapy In Mental Health

Hypnotherapy is a mode of therapy that has been used extensively to solve many mental health illnesses. These illnesses include depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Phobias among many other mental health conditions. It allows you to think of positive things and makes you try forget all that happened. It calms your mind and boosts your spirits and mood. It helps minimize the effects and symptoms of most mental health disorders.

h) It Changes The Way You Do Things

Hypnotherapy helps your mind in boosting how you do things. When you are in the subconscious state, you do not think about what that you want to do, You just do it. This helps so much especially when we want to try out new things or to discover or explore other areas. The subconscious mind gives you a go ahead without necessarily allowing you to think about it. The conscious mind tend to be a bit worry of every situation and that hinders your potential.